aww yeah Mary-Claire is back c:

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Im broken.
7 years i’ve loved this cheeky chap. 
7 years.
You can’t be replaced, you are our hero.

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Tonight fucking broke me

"Nine lives, baby"

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Goodbye Jeff :( 

There will never be a team quite as great as Jeff and Dixie.

You shall be missed, but never forgotten… I’m off to go cry in a corner.
"But you are my little brother, and I love you"
-Cal (about Ethan)

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The moment things got a bit cringey.

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This scene, was probably the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen on TV. I have always said, Sue Johnston’s performance within her character’s rape storyline stood as one of my all time performances.
However, this scene between Catherine and Sandra topped that - these pair are phenomenal. Kudos to them both, the conviction given whilst this scene happened - wow. That is what you call acting. (Sorry, Sue - you are still my biggest inspiration ) 
We all know this is only going to get worse, but we know the acting will never be anything but outstanding. -  This storyline, their portrayal -  itr deserves awards.
Anonymous: Are there any characters u don't like? I can't stand Raf or Colette. xxxxxx :D

Oh, if I had to choose? Raf, for sure!

Especially since he’s started almost killing patients in revenge like woah man calm down. Also, his crying scenes are terrible. My friend does a solid impression of them though (quite honestly hilarious), so I guess it’s not all bad. 

Apart from that? I still find Colette a bit “RoboNurse2000” (to quote Sue Haasler). I don’t dislike her character, but I’m not a fan either. 

So, yes, snap. We obviously have similar good judgement when it comes to Holby. ;) 

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