oh no Jonny is serious about this but was he about to say no at the end? Jac is not an unfit mother and this shouldn’t be happening and Elliot knows it…
Rosie Marcel has the best cast photos ugh

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Zosia’s smile. Arthur’s face.
differentkindofwonderful: well i had guessed that bonnie wouldn't end up marrying Jonny, cos they just couldn't let it happen, but to kill her off?? Idk, I think maybe I would have preferred it if Jonny had just had sex with Jac like hes supposed to and Bonnie had walked in on them. Either way, I really hope Jonny doesn't hold it against Jac for too long, cos their chemistry is brilliant. It was an excellent episode though!!

It did seem a little harsh! Though I suppose I can see why we couldn’t have Bonnie’s departure and official Janny in the same episode. The writers can’t be that nice to us. :D 

I was expecting Jonny to not turn up to the wedding ‘cause he was too busy borrowing ironing boards in the linen cupboard with Jac which, like you said, is what he was supposed to do, obviously. You can’t deny how adorable they are together.


But then we had that unfortunate camera angle which gives enough on-screen room for Bonnie crossing the road and an oncoming vehicle. 

Being hopeful, I expected a car to hit Bonnie, Jac to save her from life-threatening injuries and Jonny, dazzled by Jac’s surgical brilliance, to realise he does still love her. 

Instead, we got truck. Bam, truck. (And I must admit the first thing I said after the initial shock was “Get trucked, Bonnie”). 

But, yes, I hope we get to see Jac and Jonny together again soon. It’ll be interesting to see how they’re going to look after Emma now at least. :)

(Sorry for the long answer my emotions are still all over the floor)

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minute moment of janny

"The Jac fans must be doing a conga after tonight’s episode."

That’s it. That’s my favourite comment. 

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and bovine bonnie turns road kill